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MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd. offers various packaging and accessories to support Industries such as Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and Clinical, and many more. Incorporated in year 2001.

Wholesale Bottle & Container Supplier in Singapore - MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Glassware Supplier in Singapore - MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Glass Cookie Jars for Sale in Singapore- MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Amber Glass Bottle Singapore- MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Glass Jar with Lid Singapore- MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Glass Food Container Singapore- MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Plastic Storage Container with Handle- MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Buy Salad Takeaway Container at MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Paper Product Packaging- MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Buy Glass, Plastic & Paper Packaging at MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd.

Lunch Box Paper Bag in Singapore - MEDTRA (S) Pte Ltd

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