Android programming



Programming of Android devices in particular with Kotlin

Building a Barcode Scanner with Google Mobile Vision API - Android Tutorial (Kotlin) - 2018

Guide to app architecture  |  Android Developers

Leveraging Android Data Binding with Kotlin - ashdavies ™ - Medium

MVC vs. MVP vs. MVVM on Android

Handling Background Tasks with Kotlin Coroutines in Android

Android Testing Codelab

A practical explanation for initialization modifiers in Kotlin

ViewModels with Saved State, Jetpack Navigation, Data Binding and Coroutines

LiveData beyond the ViewModel — Reactive patterns using Transformations and MediatorLiveData

How to create M:N Relationship with Room and Kotlin

Mastering Kotlin Coroutines In Android - Step By Step Guide

Google Codelabs

The Navigation Architecture Component Tutorial: Getting Started

Android Architecture Components: Room — Introduction

Android Custom Views Tutorial. Part-1 – MindOrks – Medium

How to create a group of File Templates in Android Studio - Part 3 – Riggaroo - Android Dev

How to create your own Live Templates in Android Studio/IntelliJ - Part 2 – Riggaroo - Android Dev

How to make your own File Templates in Android Studio - Part 1 – Riggaroo - Android Dev


Espresso Recipes for Android – Dogan Kilic – Medium

Navigation Codelab

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